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Bridal Shower Theme and Favor Ideas

One of your best friends is the "bride to be" and you're either in the bridal party or a good friend it's now time to plan a bridal shower to "SHOWER" the bride with love and great gifts.  First of all…don't panic!Start with a theme and the rest will easily fall into place. In selecting your Bridal Shower Theme you should remember that it's a memorable day for the future bride so you should consider what the bride "wants and needs" as well as her "likes and dislikes." Will the shower be a coed bridal shower or "Girls only"? And finally, the location and time of day? Let your imagination go wild as you read through these bridal shower theme ideas and whether you decide on a practical or whimsical theme just pick a theme that everyone is sure to have a good time.

Don't forget about your guests. we also have included great suggestions for unique bridal shower favors to give your guests to show them just how much you appreciate them attending and being part of the special day.

"Girls Only" Bridal Shower Ideas While these shower ideas don't have to be for "girls only" the "boy's" will probably won't want to attend.

Alphabet Shower Cosmetic Couture Quilted Monogram Make-Up Bag Personalized Lip Blam
An alphabet bridal shower is a traditional shower and is intended for 26 guests so that each person is assigned a letter of the alphabet and the gifts are selected accordingly. Not inviting 26 guests? A variation would be to use the letters of the bride and groom's last name, first names, or depending on the size of the guest list you may want to have everyone bring a gift with begins with the brides first initial only. What ever variation you decide on just make sure your guests are all aware what letter has been assigned to them so that they will have plenty of time of shop for the appropriate gift.
Our Personalized Bridal Shower Favors will be the perfect compliment to your Alphabet Shower. 

Brides Favorite Color Shower…"Pretty in Pink"… "Green Goddess"

Do you know a bride that is obsessed with one color? This could be the bridal shower theme for you. Request the guest to wrap their gifts her in her favorite color, then choose your food, beverages, tablecloth and flower in the same color and you're all set. Don't forget about the favors for your guest as you're "Shopping by Color.

Christmas Ornament Shower
A Christmas Ornament Shower is a perfect shower during the holiday season. Ask each guest to bring an ornament for the couple's first Christmas tree. Whether the ornament is purchased in a store or hand-crafted it's sure to be treasured by the bride and her husband for years to come. One good turn deserves another so be sure to treat your guests with a keepsake treasure to with our snowflake photo ornament favors  so they can have an ornament to treasure as well.

Garden Shower
'Does the bride have a green thumb and love to garden? This shower idea is sure to be picture perfect, especially when hosted outdoors in a lovely garden. A watering can with fresh flowers will make a quick and easy centerpiece and when combined with gardening tools and small potted plants as prizes for game winners you're sure to be all set.

Seeds Packets for your local gardening or homecenter or try our cute Pink Heart Plantable Seed Packets 

Girls Night Out …Pajama Party Shower
Who doesn't enjoy a little pampering and a night out with the girls? A night of relaxation is just what everyone needs before the big day so ask your guests to wear their favorite PJ's for a fun "girl's night out! Have someone on hand to treat your guests to manicures, pedicures and massages, etc., for a truly unique and fun night to be remembered by all. Fun party favors and gifts are an easy match for this shower.  Be sure to check out our Polka Dot Manicure Set, Butterfly Perfume Bottle and Little Black Purse Manicure Set

Kitchen Shower
"Olive You!" Glass LOVE Oil Bottle FavorWhether the new bride is a gourmet cook or doesn't have a clue how to find her way around the kitchen this shower is sure to give the bride and groom everything they need in their new kitchen This shower is also easy for the guests to select the perfect gift from her bridal registry so be sure to include that information on where she is registered with the invitation. This is also the perfect shower to have your food "potluck" style and have your guests bring their favorite recipe. Be sure to ask them to bring printed copies of the recipe so the bride can be presented with a new collection from her treasured friends and family at the end of the shower.

Check out our entire collection of practical bridal shower favors that will be a perfect addition to this shower theme.

Lingerie Shower
Oo la la....This is definitely a "girls only shower" although we're quite sure the boys would want to attend. This is a shower in which no one will need to use their imagination when the bride is adorned with beautiful lingerie. Your guests will love particularly love the shower when they leave with a sachet to use in their own lingerie drawers. Set the mood by having lots of candles as part of your décor and rich chocolates for desert.

Round the Clock Shower
Round the Clock Showers are always a hit. This bridal shower is similar to an Alphabet Shower as each guest will be assigned one of the twenty-four hours in a day for a gift. Be sure to include the "time" they are assigned with the invitation. Oh, and don't' forget to include …a.m…or p.m. It could make all the difference in the gift they select.

Add a fun twist the gift opening and ask your guests to tell everyone why they selected their gift for that time of day. It's sure to add laughter to the bridal shower.

Room to Room Shower
Most newlyweds need something for every room of the house. Assign each of your guests a specific room the house and don't forget about the garage and backyard too! Each guest will then bring a gift that coordinates with that room.

 Bed & Breakfast Shower
"Swee-Tea" Tea-Bag Caddy Wedding Shower FavorsThis shower is fun for a Saturday or Sunday morning and you can serve a breakfast or brunch buffet. Have your guests bring gifts for the bedroom and kitchen! If the guys are definitely attending don't make it to fussy with your décor!

Hobby Shower
Does the happy couple share a favorite hobby together? Biking, hiking, camping, rock climbing, sailing, etc? Host the shower in a location that coincides with their favorite activity. Ask your guest to bring a theme related gift which is sure to stock them up on the equipment they need for their special hobby they share together.

Home Improvement Shower Love Measuring Tape Keychain Favors
This shower is especially great for a do it yourself couple who has just purchased a new home that is considered to be a "fixer upper"! Even the groom will appreciate this shower the when guests give the couple things to fix up their new home. Many of the large home improvement store now offer a bridal registry so be sure to check to see if they've registered at one of them and if so advise your guests so they can truly select a gift the couple wants and needs.

Honeymoon Shower Flip Flop Luggage Tag Beach Favors
Are the bride and groom honeymooning in a tropical location? Then this is a great shower to stock them up on all the things they need for that special trip. Don't forget the sunscreen! Add tropical luau décor and food for this shower and it's guaranteed to be fun event.

Outdoor and Patio Shower It's always difficult to come up with an ideas for a couple's shower as most men cringe that the thought of attending a shower. If the future bride and groom enjoy time outdoors and will have a patio in their new home fire up the barbecue and have couple's patio shower. Everyone can obviously bring patio and outdoor related gifts.

Stock The Bar Shower Wine Wedding FavorsYou can invite the boys because this is a shower that they will want to be included! Have guests bring a bottle of wine to share, and a bottle as a gift to help stock the couple's bar. Add a fun twist add a "toast and roast" and ask you guest to make toast to the new couple and share their favorite story about one of them. It's sure to add some laughs to your event.

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